【Thai】useful 2 word following the adjective (for voice・chat chat・live・shoot system・a review...)


This time, 4 years in Bangkok, has been living in on a daily basis, Well I have 2 words continue to say that adjectives will be introduced.

Some remember that,state of things or situations stress you can tell by.

Branch Branch and and the word is,somewhere, heard that one too? My number 1 favorite is hard! The sense of"the soup!". Cute Thai businesses.

Actually there"Tuk-tuk"Also,running the sound of tuk tuk comes from the business.

Taxi is frequently used mimetic


Slowly"chat team"

Tea of the meaning of"team"and the pronunciation is similar but a little different. The endings a little and have so well conveyed I think. Branch Manager and middle sound awareness talking about. You are not,local people managed to practice a lot as is.


"Tons", not"tron"is the correct answer, but in fact"tons"and heard. Go straight Thai is the"pie"for them. Straight straight! Want to say is"Ton・Ton!" Is OK.


This pronunciation is very hard. The Japanese is the introduction to the"guide"with pronunciation and sufficient for the number 1 and is working properly. "Chi"or"guide"to various meaning it.

Difficult things aside,"Kaikai"and 2 times to say,"near"means to emphasize if there are many.

A distant"guide guide"

This also, as of the"close"of the same, like 2 times from that in the"distant"means to emphasize that the connotations have. Well, you cannot pronounce it"guy"just in the culture, the situation description you will not"Geiger"and say that is the way it.

To point to the map,this is far away? And when you hear something is"the new Geiger design?" Still I will more than do!

Restaurants often use mimetic

The frequency is high, well〜the"voice box"

Well here to come. This is like Well Eat. Say opportunity is possible at any time. Adverbs, like at the end of sentences with and well used by.

Martin new voice voice and the meaning is"here,well come in."

There it crunchy"category default category default program"

Grilled chicken and shellfish,crunchy,and when we take a bite of food chewing sounds to represent words.

So I have"AK video AK video"

Thailand so I was food abound. Famous Thai East Northern side dishes, Gai Yan(grilled chicken)as"Khao・in the wild"to eat is common. The"rice"was the meaning of it. This is a sticky rice made with rice, and Khao・new online said.

Throughout Thailand, the dessert called coconut taste with the color we want dessert if you like. And some look so cute but soon get bored I am not the only one lol


Even in Japanese,now that the conversation will not say more. State to tell when to use the word no. Baby talk close to me.

Really! "Branch Branch!"

This word is really well used. Katakana can be represented in the United States, Europe and Asia, with more than,branch check-in / check-out, to close. The mouth area of the shape in the United States, Europe and Asia, as well for cold.

In a word"branch!" As a Culture, 2 times this can be stressed. Other languages the adjective 2 times repeat this,as well as the nuances in it.

It's just too hot and also a"loan・process"with the wind to say too.

Remember that and funny onomatopoeia

Good luck! "Review"

This word is easy to remember♪the night! If I say"good luck!" And so on,please feel free to no and convenient. Myself that"I will work hard"say that you is simple"the card/Cup if I say,"OK! "The"only,"buy"means to you.

Up Up♡"worst worst"

Friends in conversation,joking, and a little baby against your Will,and love from word. In Japanese also,just my and good way.♪I view business and I feel like it should say content.!

〜Just another〜"show system files"

Hey〜not only this, especially as no,and the nuances of when to use. English, and so far nothing (nothing)and Just~ing(just〜just)means.

Just looking〜when I say that is, Doo (see) Review System installation(only).

Dog barks one"hotel hotel"

In Thailand, The,Stray Dog-Kun is a lot like a dog you find so cute

"Not that I know of〜?" And,near the stalls of the aunt and befriend it. lol

Thai animal sounds to imitate, and very funny. Incidentally the cat's Meow is Miao and messages online that we feel,"not"say that the meaning of"Mai・AO"a little bit I kinda want to do more.


Actually, I'm about to. Besides that there are a lot of these and think of things from and I don't think so.

Simple words, repeated twice only,and I mean strongly of both of you! Abuse and childish out of worry I think. Come and other verbiage together with a try♪

In or〜

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