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【Thai】what is it? What? How Yu mean? "Cool"and"pen"to use


Today,with non-used"what's the matter?" And"what? (Not so?)" Or"what do you mean?" And when you hear of simple Thai introduce. Thai you get accustomed to the city, the article said. I pronounce the hard"click"or"pen"word. Audio also with Can, money say so.

【バンコクのマッサージ】アジアハーブ アソシエーション本店(プロンポン店)1番人気メニューの内容と料金

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【Bangkok massage】Asia herb Association head office(Point store) 1 most popular menu items and prices


Of Thailand"herbs"dedicated to the famous massage shop"Asia herb Association". This time, the Sukhumvit 24 Street to head office"Point store"in the No. 1 popular menu received. Aromatherapy herbs both can experience 90 minutes, was the best. The contents and pricing etc. as soon as we have it.


So Thai【〜do--but good--better】


Hello,@nanase_nananavi it. This time, the person on the note and suggestions for"〜Do / 〜you need to say"scene, Thailand in life often come out. Well, it is not my Thai,example sentences and ...



【Use Thai】Cup car not just! Lots of"thank you"saying


The human world is a wonderful term. It is a"thank you"is. Useful ultimate! A lot of people happy, you can power one in charge. Thai thank you is"Cup cover/Cup"thing. In English"Thank ...

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【Bangkok for Songkran in 2019】day is about? Clothes and precautions for【video】


Type of event! Water only festival and be in it. To Thailand 4 years lived 2 times he was there. The entity, and I see this and I will! Good video camera and embedded in you.



【Thai】useful 2 word following the adjective (for voice・chat chat・live・shoot system・a review...)


This time, 4 years in Bangkok, has been living in on a daily basis, Well I have 2 words continue to say that adjectives will be introduced. Some remember that,state of things or situations stress you can tell by. Branch Branch and team ...

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The light on the day of the Amphawa floating market to go【elephant riding and combined it】


Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak, located near the Chang Puak Camp is the elephant riding after the Amphawa floating market which participated in♪ the whole city is super☆festival in the state, glitter it gets very crowded world. Go and return those,attractions etc.


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Super useful compliment to Thai【you,can,I,No. 1,good】Thai people, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches


Thais get along with you! Wow! The first pocket League story can be found here: Well! How do I say? If you like Windows Solitaire, you're going to love this article. The everyday and often-used"compliment to Thai", and the representation method here are some. Looks and ability to compliment that way of saying. The word doesn't know of! And quickly, get along well together.

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[Thailand in Thailand people to work with and it isn't easy just,fun. Though,interesting.


"Thais together with what's it like to work?" And the answer to the question I want. After this,was that each of the 5 one here. The culture of Thailand to the pack and know it, why and why until we understand it,the Thais as well and I do not.

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Thailand's taxi me to you 12 select [travel from laugh -】


Taxi in Thailand is that the events and troubles to the 12 here. During the trip, if not talk about do and can live with the driver and almost every day. I laugh will not. Can.

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Adulterous and said a Thai man was like? 【Good and bad design for you】


A Thai man was really adulterous is the best? Bangkok 4 years living in think"Thai male characteristics"to some back here. "Sabai(comfortable)"situation like national identity, and more....

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【Thailand】Muay Thai Boxing match for FREE can watch the"Channel 7 Boxing Stadium"


This time, it heated the match live! Free! Can watch the place everyday. Bet thing to heat the home of the Thai people is a lot! Literally"body☆I can"Muay Thai.

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【You】Thai women surprise aesthetic sense 13 choose


Hello〜@nanase_nananavi it. Today, the Thai men and women to write articles about this, I think. Everyone,what kind of image you have? Slender beauty? Dark complexion? With a nice smile? Thailand to ...

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【Thailand】note! Type of hell temple"Wat Must Rong Wua"go to the CAN〜bus in the way〜


Hello!@ nanase_nananavi you! Guys, you might be" - odd world heritage"and what do you know? Crazy journey with TV shows, famous all over the world have changed and the Customs and landscape to shoot pictures ...

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【Thailand】elephant riding! The Elephant Show! Crocodile! Online! All to play"Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo"sampler download elephant ground size


The elephant and touches a lot of your"sampler effects free download size"will be introduced. From Bangkok by taxi about 1 hour to go to the zoo. The elephant, as well as a crocodile show and and photos, such as taking basis.

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In Bangkok and Grab a taxi to the reason Uber and the difference between【Thailand】


Currently, in Southeast Asia, Uber is your(2018 years and 3 months). Type of dispatch service is"Grab Taxi"has become mainstream. It is how to use the entity, or the sad stories I wrote.

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【Thai】and easy! And meat Yam salad how to make


Today at Thai Yum salad made,introduce. Is acid sour spicy salad is! This fluffy bird put in.

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【Thailand】Bangkok near elephant riding experience spot"Chang Puak Camp"directions


Thailand called"elephant riding"it. This time from Bangkok,a taxi or bus to the West about 1 and a half hours to"Chang Puak Camp"of those who will introduce. This is the floating market with its own do! And for people who Article.

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【Thai】Thai rice, Jasmine rice in a pot of boiling noodles!


From Thai curry and Khao Man Gai to be eaten at home, tasty Thai rice eaten in Thailand! Rice cooker and microwave cooked, and all I have moisture too, and do this for you--- ...

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【Thailand】tourism staple of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market! Tour use? On their own?


Hello! Sightseeing tour is possible you don't want to use @nanase_nananavi I to Bangkok from the floating market to go! And once we(・∀・) I reside 4 years after the first time, ...

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【Thailand】Half-Day in Udon Thani City stroll and spot & Hotel


Hi〜. Plan what they do, on the contrary one @nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) I Thani in the plane using, Vientiane to the bus for the Thai tourist visa can be ...

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Thai popular Souvenirs! Stylish media console 鼻薬"yard time"for 7 species


Thai classic souvenir, which is the main source of 鼻薬"yard time". Once I smell them I don't want to be without! Lot of most,regardless of nationality popular. In Thailand-Buy-7 types of introduce.

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【Thai】the physical condition of the expression"only・pain・heat・cold・tired・all"business


Hi, the rainy season is basically out@nanase_nananavi it. Today,the physical condition of the representation,frequently used the word as heard. Physical condition is bad,and"Mai Sabai"and say this, but ...

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【Thai】"〜that""〜accustomed to"experience representing business


Today, the"〜May"and"accustomed to", such as at work well it's not about the experience of speaking to and about.

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【Thai】convenient one expression of it"and,so, maybe, just maybe"


Sour Woody car! Bangkok 4 years living in Thailand who had to work@nanase_nananavi it is! this time, words and even colors to have a for, conjunctions explained. Work with staff to ...