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【Buy right】for the first time full size cameras from NIKON D750 is the No. 1 online why【4 years I know the thoughts】


I love the"Nikon D750"will be introduced. About 3 years in the hobby, and also work in your game buddy available. As compared to other companies, the features and the performance is no less small and light excellent camera. Very easy to use"Take photo"to take in, and also it simple and give you think!

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【Application】backlit shot of. Your"The Dark"take a picture why


Backlit shooting method, are presented below. The background is white, or became,a person is dark I like to take photos and experience with others. The background and effort of the subject but also the brightness with the right balance of pictures and will be appreciated.

Photo・camera The shooting of

【Application] shooting camera settings, awareness about. Less eyeing shooting RAW why you should


Personal opinion, but, in fact, in one shot,I want a 1 piece back take people,much like you! Why,shooting RAW should of explained.