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【WordPress】Popular Posts thumbnails in landscape customize high-quality centered on how to


"Wordpress Popular Posts"design of simple to customize your display name accompanies the content you post on developerWorks. The image to landscape or
The image degradation is not the title under want,such as image and title only and those who do will be appreciated.

Web design

【WordPress】Affinger4 article list of categories and tags hide


The top of the page, the first impression is so important. This is"Afiinger4 article"list of categories and tags to disappear how to introduce.

Web design

【WordPress】Affinger4 article under Prev and Next to how to customize


Page"PREV and NEXT"to see how to customize it. Affinger4 in the edit, the page navigation changes take place as a reminder wrote. Affinger4 use will be appreciated. Reference site:

Web design

【WordPress】5 minutes can! Affinger4 list of categories of color in CSS how to change


CSS only change,Affinger4 the top of the page categories, changing the color of you can. Multiple categories selected to specify how to introduce.

Web design

【Blog】a JPEG image without degradation in the bulk compression and size to be a useful tool"JPEGmini"


It is〜!@ nanase_nananavi is! football on it. and 3 hours in Japan versus Belgium battle begins〜! Daily reports to the brainwashed,TV and more! Laughs this time, degradation is also less ...

Web design

Free photo processing, editing can PhotoScape X【face hidden in the mosaic,thumbnail to create the best!


Free feature like"Ultra"to. Mac and Windows can. Trim, Mosaic and stamp, insert text, brightness and color adjustment,bulk editing,line and frame, text boxes and arrows such as insert, etc.