"Shopping in Thailand" list


Shopping in Thailand Bought it was good ones

【100 baht Souvenirs】in Bangkok put the original skin Goodies to make!


Bangkok's street vendors is often found in"skin Goodies shop". The original name tag attached to the 50〜100 baht and cheap. This time, mom and dad gifts and MBK to stop by during this wristlet, the name tag game. The skin of the type and order of methods to introduce.

Shopping in Thailand Bought it was good ones

Thailand's famous shop [Asia herb】can buy healing herbs Goodies 5 available! A great souvenir♪


Bangkok"Asian herbs"and famous massage shops with lots? Japanese management in Thailand"herbs"dedicated to the wonderful massage, and Spa shops. This time, all 10 that are sold in stores,perfect for a souvenir of Asian herbs original products discover the top 5

Shopping in Thailand Thailand travel Bought it was good ones

【Thailand】in Japan also! Chatuchak in-buy-100 baht of high-quality summer toy 5 to choose


Chatuchak Market"and 100 baht / 300 yen"buy"the Japanese use"of the shop, and meet with them. Know of Japan, it was extremely hot to see and find the game you want, right? Other,Chatuchak sell to you,cute and also wrote.

Shopping in Thailand Thailand life Bought it was good ones

Thai popular Souvenirs! Stylish media console 鼻薬"yard time"for 7 species


Thai classic souvenir, which is the main source of 鼻薬"yard time". Once I smell them I don't want to be without! Lot of most,regardless of nationality popular. In Thailand-Buy-7 types of introduce.

Shopping in Thailand Thailand life

In Bangkok the United States Mail app"wish"in the buy screen, about 10 days arrive】


Hello,@nanase_nananavi it. I"wish"that, and I app I bought it. Section > < / body > < / HTML as is, and the quality is there(in the bottom) 100〜300 yen uniform shop and so ...

Shopping in Thailand Thailand life

Quite useful! In Bangkok, the Thai mail-order "LAZADA"in the purchase of goods only. 【Order from 2 days】


There is always shopping there! And listen,since I wanted a coffee grinder, etc. When you order from 2 day delivery! "Free Shipping,returnable, and that"the site is in English and easily available. Order the way of the meet, and arrive at the image you will introduce.