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【Thai】what is it? What? How Yu mean? "Cool"and"pen"to use


Today,with non-used"what's the matter?" And"what? (Not so?)" Or"what do you mean?" And when you hear of simple Thai introduce. Thai you get accustomed to the city, the article said. I pronounce the hard"click"or"pen"word. Audio also with Can, money say so.


So Thai【〜do--but good--better】


Hello,@nanase_nananavi it. This time, the person on the note and suggestions for"〜Do / 〜you need to say"scene, Thailand in life often come out. Well, it is not my Thai,example sentences and ...



【Use Thai】Cup car not just! Lots of"thank you"saying


The human world is a wonderful term. It is a"thank you"is. Useful ultimate! A lot of people happy, you can power one in charge. Thai thank you is"Cup cover/Cup"thing. In English"Thank ...



【Thai】useful 2 word following the adjective (for voice・chat chat・live・shoot system・a review...)


This time, 4 years in Bangkok, has been living in on a daily basis, Well I have 2 words continue to say that adjectives will be introduced. Some remember that,state of things or situations stress you can tell by. Branch Branch and team ...


Thailand life Thai

Super useful compliment to Thai【you,can,I,No. 1,good】Thai people, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches


Thais get along with you! Wow! The first pocket League story can be found here: Well! How do I say? If you like Windows Solitaire, you're going to love this article. The everyday and often-used"compliment to Thai", and the representation method here are some. Looks and ability to compliment that way of saying. The word doesn't know of! And quickly, get along well together.

Thailand life Thai

【Thai】ultra-convenient"what・app"of the expression"What are you doing? What is it? Separately,what's the matter?"


Everyday in so Thai the"what"of representation about the fine approach. This"app"is and the bad part is figuring out how to use it all, the residents as well travelers be discussed the phrase to the 9 here.


Thailand life Thai

【Thai】say and the! Convenient and simple interface language with 6(dialect)


Interesting use of the San language(delivered in the local Tohoku dialect)will be introduced. Greetings and meal occasions to use 6 words to explain. Bangkok is a lot of San people live in hell. Work or play, they take the time to time,one side speaking French, try is!?

Thailand life Thai

【Thai】useful words and grammar and ② Thailand travel in business


1st【①greeting ② shop ③ taxi] continue to,this time is【④with regard to meals,⑤the feeling of expression, ⑥ introduction about] to,for.

Thailand life Thai

【Thai】the useful word・grammar for ① Thailand travel in business


Bangkok to come from the little Thai I want to talk! If you like Windows Solitaire, you're going to love this article. My Japanese friends and for you simple Thai words that you will introduce. First, Please greet・shopping・taxi】about.

Thailand life Thai

【Thai】the physical condition of the expression"only・pain・heat・cold・tired・all"business


Hi, the rainy season is basically out@nanase_nananavi it. Today,the physical condition of the representation,frequently used the word as heard. Physical condition is bad,and"Mai Sabai"and say this, but ...

Thailand life Thai

【Thai】"〜that""〜accustomed to"experience representing business


Today, the"〜May"and"accustomed to", such as at work well it's not about the experience of speaking to and about.

Thailand life Thai

【Thai】convenient one expression of it"and,so, maybe, just maybe"


Sour Woody car! Bangkok 4 years living in Thailand who had to work@nanase_nananavi it is! this time, words and even colors to have a for, conjunctions explained. Work with staff to ...