"The shooting of" the list

The shooting of

Manual shooting is required 3 about the power of the [image・behavioral・assessment]


Technical content,not this manual at the time of shooting and to cultivate the"ability"to about 3 about here. Specifically the image to the thing, the conscious thing to do, and take care of you!

Photo・camera The shooting of

【Basis】SLR manual shooting is not good for people who want the 3 of


SLR manual shoot"with the game. Even I don't know what to do."and things for the 3 of about. This time, shooting the level of further and up for people who are content. These 3 even the consciousness if the image of your photos on your phone. More than anything awareness is important.

Photo・camera The shooting of

【Basis】aperture・F value? "Bokeh"to understand how


Manual settings is important"aperture / F-number"to describe it. "Aperture"is in the eye, and the pupil part. Camera coming into the amount of light regulating part. How it works, and camera settings about said Line.

Photo・camera The shooting of

【Basis】shutter speed is? The moment for expressing the measure of about


The shutter speed indication to be presented,shutter speed and light and the relationship of the lens and explained the relationship between them. Dog or automobiles, children playing areas and sports photos, such as moving to the pack and want to take! And will be appreciated.

The shooting of

【Basis】ISO and is?→ The camera feel light capturing ability of this.


Shoot, the absolute from the"ISO sensitivity"is discussed. Depending on the situation,the ISO value of the approximate figure, and the deterioration of image quality is less close to the image pictures.

Photo・camera The shooting of

[Photo composite] but if the photos go to school without the need. From basic production to learn the strongest 1 Books【Book Review】


And understand,the pictures of the textbooks found. Photo of school to go whether you have the book already finished, so commuting to and for! What a good book is not〜and for those looking will be appreciated.

Photo・camera The shooting of

【Basis】exposure compensation is? Fully automatic mode and manual mode other than the shooting possible.


Camera with plus minus buttons,what wouldn't they use it? I've never thought of it? This is the exposure adjustment button. Manual mode is used. In each mode, the exposure compensation, and adjust the brightness only.

Photo・camera The shooting of

【Application】backlit shot of. Your"The Dark"take a picture why


Backlit shooting method, are presented below. The background is white, or became,a person is dark I like to take photos and experience with others. The background and effort of the subject but also the brightness with the right balance of pictures and will be appreciated.

Photo・camera The shooting of

【Application] shooting camera settings, awareness about. Less eyeing shooting RAW why you should


Personal opinion, but, in fact, in one shot,I want a 1 piece back take people,much like you! Why,shooting RAW should of explained.