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【Malaysia】Langkawi beach rental bike for you.


Hello! @nanase_nananavi you! Not only Malaysia's Langkawi Island What island do you know? Thailand and Malaysia border,located in the Andaman Sea,and〜with resort style ...

Malaysia Southeast Asia Travel

[Malaysia travel】page, with user-friendly search tools and comprehensive hotel information walking & Bukit・Bintang Street


In the evening,the Chinatown area and evening in the downtown area of Bukit Bintang Street for. Both are very crowded and the value is high!! Nice wall art there are a lot of ways only I have. I would point ...

Malaysia Southeast Asia Travel

[Malaysia travel】Kuala Lumpur City walks and hidden cafes


Hello,@nanase_nananavi it. Kuala Lumpur heart of the city,from morning to evening stroll and you can. Hot countries,Muslim countries,twin towers, etc of the image. Islamic culture and experience ...

Malaysia Southeast Asia Travel

【Thai tourist visa】in Kuala Lumpur how to get


To 2017 5 on Malaysia to travel during the Thai tourist visa also get. This is a single entry 60 days how to get by train or bus, take it.

Malaysia Southeast Asia Travel

[Malaysia travel】Blue Mosque,taxi or bus you


Hello~! Malaysian White Tiger Beer love@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur City from the Uber or Grab Taxi in the West to 40 minutes of the"shark ...

Malaysia Southeast Asia Travel

[Malaysia travel】beautiful Badr cave! Train directions


Hello~! Can forgot our@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) this time to hide the legs for pants forgot〜 Yes. The capital Kuala Lumpur, North from the train in 20 minutes. And ...