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Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok Cafe] Art Cafe by Brown Sugar Bangkok Art Culture Center in


I have〜. During the dry season to one more night feeling good〜♪ today is the BTS National Stadium Station, directly connected to the Bangkok Art and Culture Center in the cafe here. Commonly known as the"BACC"(Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art)of positive ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe] luxury the hotel's Café-Bistro"BANGKOK TRADING POST"Sukhumvit soi39


Travellers is of course a neighborhood to live in and cafés&restaurants to introduce. The house from far, the Sukhumvit area,or〜is graceful to want to spend time with you〜and I♡this ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe] organic garden cafe"Patom"sukhumvit 49


Hello☆ milk drink in a cafe, every almond milk for@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) 2016 Year 11 months options Organic Cafe&Shop. Nakhon Pathom province"of the program ... Read More

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe] small workplace cafe"BEZO"sukhumvit soi 53


Hello~! Cute〜cafe to yourself to love@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) today's"BEZO"is 2015 years 8 months opened in Thonglor next to a quiet side street, Sukhumvit 53 ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe]"THE FOX Thonlor"the door in the middle of the House Cafe


Hello〜 recently, tons of colors would have just cut and not@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) local in the middle of the Grand Center Point Hotel across from the ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe] Australia House Cafe"Toby's"Thong LOR sukhumvit soi 38


Hi〜 at the age of 16 for the first time abroad in Perth, Australia and went to the place Outlook on life has changed@nanase_nananavi it. Today is 2015 years 8 months open, the House Cafe present ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe] venerable retro café"Kaffe50"local soi20,Ekamai soi21


Hi〜 Bangkok is local Our@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) local soi20 to the vintage cafe. This is the"Y50"and in furniture shops in your cafe, ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe] reading and the work to be done to a huge bookstore,”THINK SPACE B2S” is amazing


Hi〜. Some libraries do a lot of spread,rumbling while reading the book " or " I want to stay@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) today is 2016 Year 7 for free,Central Fes ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok cafe] by all! Zoo cafe”Zoota Bistro” it was kind of a lot


Hello〜 "today's content"is chosen so to have my dog 2 dogs to see, but not@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) recently, the Bangkok cat cafe and dog cafe in the beginning, the ...

Cafe Thailand life

【Bangkok Cafe] a library! Coffee break at li-bra-ry At Sukhumvit 24


Hi〜 Bangkok in life,a new cafe when you go there and was so happy♡you@nanase_nananavi in(・∀・) and today is a cafe for the first time in the series post that here! ไล-บร ...