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Thailand's taxi me to you 12 select [travel from laugh -】


Taxi in Thailand is that the events and troubles to the 12 here. During the trip, if not talk about do and can live with the driver and almost every day. I laugh will not. Can.

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Adulterous and said a Thai man was like? 【Good and bad design for you】


A Thai man was really adulterous is the best? Bangkok 4 years living in think"Thai male characteristics"to some back here. "Sabai(comfortable)"situation like national identity, and more....

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【You】Thailand common misunderstanding to consider the only.


【Met gassho,the land of smiles,of dark complexion, many people,food is super-hot,the elephant is walking on the road to LGBT rate high,hot] is said to be Thailand's image to consider for sure.

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【You】Thai women surprise aesthetic sense 13 choose


Hello〜@nanase_nananavi it. Today, the Thai men and women to write articles about this, I think. Everyone,what kind of image you have? Slender beauty? Dark complexion? With a nice smile? Thailand to ...