Bought it was good ones

【Review】BOSE"SoundLink Mini II,"the No. 1 choice for a portable speaker



Happy with Amazon Prime Day! That from day, COOL and not@nanase_nananaviIn(・∀・)

More I never grow tired ofThe BOSE"SoundLink Mini IIThis Amazon sale on Yes I want! Think and write.

A good speaker! Or"BOSE"I think there are so many?

My photos not only in music but also like live human beings as---

The speaker with regard to cheaper items,affordable items for a free but more advanced and slick music player, check out JRT Studio a lot, and the BOSE is like no other!

2 years ago from this mini speaker to calm down to heavy, daily use and more.

Normal ¥ 22,139 more5500 yenTo be great as well.

This¥16,632Can buyOf Game Nokia fruit. (Prime Data end 2018 Year 7 months 17 days)

One more thing to buy troubled kid

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II Portable Wireless Speaker-carbon

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What's so good?

  • Well,classy in a beautiful deep bass.
  • Compact, and powerful, and Mavado is sound.
  • Bluetooth in mobile and PC, instantly connect to.
  • Charge is and what%I will tell.
  • USB and easy charging.
  • Carry the best!!!
  • 1 charge up to 10 hours continuous playback can be.

You as to say, if"A little heavy"And so. This weight is not the sound I would not,I don't care.

The kitchen,the bathroom,the car has to go.

PC working, of course, to cook or have a bath everyday, when put near music plays.The sound of water onlyTo feel good, to the beautiful sound of all.

The power and volume buttons parts, rubber and your hands wet in the touch resistance is not.

What's more,cheap!!!

This usually¥22,139 at the best price.

For the first time sound to you


3000 yen the most of portable speaker some

The quality of the sound is totally different!

The first machine and how can I help? II features such as.

In fact, the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker has been improved, and now there are 2 types of.

II, and 25g heavier, but the battery capacity also increased, with continuous playback time7 from the time 10 hoursTo increase.

Bluetooth phone calls you will receive.

The mute button and the AUX button is not changed to the multi-function button is increased.

Charging cradle called the table and charge you can. This will always go out when charging is Max in have and discounts.

Photo by cable cars connecting things, even the body directly to the difference it's OK.

Deep bass out of that vibration to the rubber is absorbed.

Body to put and once in the Capo and if feels so good♪

Once again....... kill me.

This16632 yenCan buyOf Game Nokia fruit. (Prime Data end 2018 Year 7 months 17 days)

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II Portable Wireless Speaker-carbon

2018 Years 7 months 17 days 23:59At the and of this!

Prime members only of 1 year to 1 times the size of the〜

Amazon and full of useful I..

3000 yen or more,a discount of you get the feeling you and I!

One,I bought so not..

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