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This time, I of backlit shooting method, are presented below.

The background is white, or became,a person is dark I like to take photos and experience with others. Flash use the and brighter too, and the backlight at the time of shooting settings is difficult.

The background and effort of the subject but also the brightness with the right balance of pictures and will be appreciated.

Table of contents

  • Dare the dark for that
  • Edit in the shadows to brighten
  • Landscape photography can also be used

Dare the dark for that

HereMake sure"Raw"please. After editing the images to clean in order to keep.

How much darker capture?

Background details(detail)the remaining extent of the game.

Behind the sunset to my left, the background is clean enough to remain dark as photographed.

Edit in the shadows to brighten

Later,LightRoom and other software in the 3 note that while editing you can.

  1. Shadows to raise to
  2. Background crushed to such an extent that exposure to raise it up a little.
  3. Highlight the lower

A shadow on the subject, and brightness,the overall brightness good for exposure adjustment. Finally, the highlights and lowering the sun and other strong light intensity can be reduced.

Landscape photography can also be used

Clouds of the condition and spread to the streets exactly a good brightness in the camera when also can use this method.

High exposure shot and the sky is overexposed and it was too bright impression.

Cloud streaks that look from,and exposure to lower try to take it.

Quite darker. Please rest assured,having shot Raw and the deterioration of image quality without editing. Just in the way,try to adjust it.


As described above, the editing, the background and the subject brightness of the balanced photo.

Fail less in the way of outdoor photography try♪

That's all for today.


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