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【Blog earnings report】end, pass 1 month. PV8,661 in revenue 1,696 yen.



Blog management is11 monthWill.

Blog after 10 months, January 2〜10 Article One as written and one end to apply for I continue to fall welcome............ Other affiliate including without introduction,47 articles written by revenue or zero spending welcome............

(Honestly a little motivation is going down at.....)


In 2018, 7 months, and very serious about it and determined to"another blog",For 8 article in access passThis blog monetization possible. This nananavi. com The monetization of the 59 articles from the start.

82 articleWas this month8,661 pvTo and growth.AdSense revenue only1696 yenYou can get it.

The transition is like.

End, to pass from,and that atmosphere was there. Access of the inflow and affiliate revenues content, future goals, etc says you to him.

SNS is weak, my blog is almost search from the inflow.

SNS type? SEO type?

The other day,this tweet look at the"how to,"I thought.

I,SNS is basically a fun&information using it. Names of famous bloggers, and Twitter embeds as well as articles written by it.

This was very efficient not? Well,

Reading blogs or people on Twitter don't might be,what's more, you can reuse the article the authenticity of your will.

The search at the top see the article link just a link"more attached"to it (backlinks)is the group from the positive feedback obtained, as a result SEO too.

・SNS type:branding yourself as a fan to increase access to gather
・SEO-type:articles mass-produced,organic search accessed from the collect

Such as, you know,the"I was operated there by"This is not right,a good balance.

Search influx are often good reasons why

  • I read that
  • Other articles to read
  • Become a fan to!?
  • The domain is stronger the higher display and

Search inflow and search engine to the site from visits that refers to. Organic search,natural search, the influx and also says.

Search and those who come is in the SNS,"not"everyone who came than the pack read directly.

If the domain is strong that from Google"Good site"And to be recognized in the new articles written at a relatively and the top is coming in......

Affiliate earnings report

Other bloggers are also Japanese options to""Too much a few and you can. Tidbit and revenue started out opportunities.

A journey like travel etc well written to be honest, will travel-based revenue in less time. Tour booking, such as from contract leads, and hotel reservations such as better I can. Hotel reservation ASP in the street,TripAdvisorIn. Click only 10 yen〜300 yen for most of the revenue.

Current: 173 yen

A8. net enrolment page here


"Frog liver"And"Yoyofactory liver"With a useful tool do you know?

Product introduction for the book, introduction for the blog to automatically to make a convenient tool. 1 product to multiple sales sites easily can be directed.

TheVia their ID and will be. Products has never been easier, no more more!Yahoo ShoppingAndAmazonMajor shopping Mall advertising program you can post the features.PartnershipYou can't have! Beginners, and peace of mind.

Current: 0 yen

Do that! Lol

Amazon Associates

Above the from the application, and how to directly associate program how to apply for a there. Approved referral program you can join!

I want to introduce the products, but at the same time the purchased goods results on the subject of a registration mandatory!

Such a graph, the number of clicks and referral fees at a glance, I Amazon Associates directly to registered.

Currently: 333 yen

Photo to participate!

Surprisingly earn more. The current revenue is almost left in a state ofA total of 4915 yen of salesThere. Photos you like,spare time to register the photos as well?

【Photo】can earn!? Sales and ease of Use 5 Inc. validation&comparison only.

The famous photo sales site 5 companies in the same photo 50 sheets〜170 sheets just a few tried. 【Shutter Stock・Adobe Stock/Fotolia・iStock・Pixta・imagenavi] approximately 1 years almost left in the state, how many sales have you?

See more

Future goals

SEO enhancement

I write a blog, if a lot of people want read it. A lot of people"help us!" I by,and search for"top display"will appear to be a site of trust and hope.

【SEO】Google or Yahoo! Search for the top to appear are the benefits?

A blog or site to make on"search at the top that displays"this is very important. Advertising costs, including, without nature and readers to gather more information. Page 1(top page)displayed on the merits of the 3 says.

See more

In 2018 the current program is"good content"is determined. You can only read and the reader, in order to, and nothing moreOriginal articleTo make it well.

Web to thoroughly learn

Of the book to read If you read the most interesting,and I had a"thing"is as you can.

  • SEO headlines to be aware of
  • Summary the headline conscious
  • Some of you make

First, from this neighbourhood actually write while practicing this I think.

Reference books for this 3 volumes.

Web marketing company having this information used by these companies, click here.

And,24 hours"Outgoing and"Have you been thinking about a career change and thinking of you!!! Web marketing there are a lot of companies,the following 2 of the Fall Challenge in.......

  • Customers and SEO consulting systems, articles writing, acting, etc
  • Their media management,content planning, etc

"Photo"or"photographer"as leverage or not,and also we are thinking.

So I'm going to give it all I've got!!!

While working at"write!"

The quality is even lower every day to write,and well, but since I do not want to write!

Do not overdo it to write the number of articles a Week, 4〜7 is the averageWas.

Their lifestyle in a week, to see so do not overdo it from the check can be. "Today someone---"and the loathing list.

And instead of

More than ever blog over a paltry revenue to publish them.

Honest", and I only earn about?" And I want to scratch them even a little I was glad.

Starting a blog for some time, and long continued So to find a place for it. Thanks to the Daily exciting to capture the place. Sentences, as well as when you talk to people also to the point and not try to do it I think.

In a nutshell"Blog best and"Is.

Back alley type of blog, but I am confident they'll be benefited from this website all of them.♪

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